Сексопатолог: сексуальная специалистка

Вы играете за Джима, и вы точно не самый верный муж. Однажды ваша жена узнает об этом и ставит вам ультиматум. Вы должны посетить психотерапевта сексопатолога или ваш брак обречён! Вы пришли на приём к очень сексуальной специалистке по имени Наталья.

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  • Zmei

    Подскажите кто прошел. А то дальше 3% не прохожу

  • lalala

    ring the door bell
    — Go in
    — Hello You are very
    — Was it ?
    — Do I have to lie down?
    — It’s a shame
    — I’d feel more
    — In fact….
    — I’m really impressed
    — You are a well
    — My wife told me to come
    — She got some issues
    — Not at all
    — I’d be scared to
    — I don’t know
    — Well..
    Dont talk about the Wife period and dont tell her you love her.
    -Yes, indeed
    -oh well I’m sure you
    — no, it didn’t
    -Ah, I can
    — it was nothing
    -Im trying to
    — Not really
    -Do I have
    — Well she knelt
    -Put it
    — No, we had
    — Everything
    — Im listening
    — Do you want to talk
    — Driving me crazy
    — No we were always
    — yes
    — She broke up with me
    — Its a shame but as you want


    — Not very well
    — You never told me
    — I dont remember
    — Im listening
    — I see
    — No wonder you’re so
    — You’re a bombshell
    — You,re an angel
    — Im sure there is much worse out there (3RD OPTION THAT APPEARS DUE TO BREAK UP)
    — Yes?
    — I can see that
    — with pleasure
    — yes ?
    — let me
    — i dont intend to
    — No thanks im fine
    — Good idea !

    WITH MELANIE ON THE PHONE (missing 3% for a lot of ppl)

    -Listen its not the right
    — Exactly!
    — yes i know that
    — 5 minutes
    -no i just put a dildo
    — you asked me a question
    — tomorrow ?
    — I promise
    — Doesnt matter which you pick after this point you got 100%
    Just make sure you pick Oh you could say that with the Therapist to ensure clearing without pissing her off lol.

  • василий

    Где ответ на Fortunately? Ответов на половину нет.