Сексопатолог: сексуальная специалистка

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Вы играете за Джима, и вы точно не самый верный муж. Однажды ваша жена узнает об этом и ставит вам ультиматум. Вы должны посетить психотерапевта сексопатолога или ваш брак обречён! Вы пришли на приём к очень сексуальной специалистке по имени Наталья.

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  1. Zmei

    Подскажите кто прошел. А то дальше 3% не прохожу

  2. lalala

    ring the door bell
    — Go in
    — Hello You are very
    — Was it ?
    — Do I have to lie down?
    — It’s a shame
    — I’d feel more
    — In fact….
    — I’m really impressed
    — You are a well
    — My wife told me to come
    — She got some issues
    — Not at all
    — I’d be scared to
    — I don’t know
    — Well..
    Dont talk about the Wife period and dont tell her you love her.
    -Yes, indeed
    -oh well I’m sure you
    — no, it didn’t
    -Ah, I can
    — it was nothing
    -Im trying to
    — Not really
    -Do I have
    — Well she knelt
    -Put it
    — No, we had
    — Everything
    — Im listening
    — Do you want to talk
    — Driving me crazy
    — No we were always
    — yes
    — She broke up with me
    — Its a shame but as you want


    — Not very well
    — You never told me
    — I dont remember
    — Im listening
    — I see
    — No wonder you’re so
    — You’re a bombshell
    — You,re an angel
    — Im sure there is much worse out there (3RD OPTION THAT APPEARS DUE TO BREAK UP)
    — Yes?
    — I can see that
    — with pleasure
    — yes ?
    — let me
    — i dont intend to
    — No thanks im fine
    — Good idea !

    WITH MELANIE ON THE PHONE (missing 3% for a lot of ppl)

    -Listen its not the right
    — Exactly!
    — yes i know that
    — 5 minutes
    -no i just put a dildo
    — you asked me a question
    — tomorrow ?
    — I promise
    — Doesnt matter which you pick after this point you got 100%
    Just make sure you pick Oh you could say that with the Therapist to ensure clearing without pissing her off lol.

  3. Zmei


  4. василий

    Где ответ на Fortunately? Ответов на половину нет.

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