Сексопатолог 8: втроём

8-й эпизод секс приключений Джима, Эби и Натальи. Джим идёт на встречу к Наталье и он определенно хочет узнать, как она узнала о гостинице, в которой Эби изменяла ему? Неужели отношениям Джима и Эби пришёл конец? К счастью, Наталья очень изобретательна.

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  • Savage

    With Natalia
    1- I’m good thanks. You?
    2- I’m happy for you.
    1- I slept with my HR manager, once again I cheated on Abi.
    1- Oh, that’s easy. I didn’t feel happy in my previous job.
    3- And my HR manager who is divorced offered me a new job in exchange for a little “favour”.
    2- Yes
    1- Yes, within the hour.
    2- That’s what she told me.
    2- Hell yes. She is so fucking hot!
    2- She is a busty blond-haired girl.
    2- Well yes. She sent me a naughty pic yesterday. I’ll show you.
    2- What do you mean?
    2- Yes. I just have to scroll to the next one, Look!
    2- Maybe, let’s see.
    1- I think you recognize her, that’s Abi.
    2- I just scrolled through my pictures!
    2- Yes. Did my wife come to see you?
    3- And you didn’t think it was a good idea to tell me about it?
    2- I’m listening.
    1- While fucking vulgar blonds in a hotel room?
    3- No! What are you talking about?
    3- But… This was a hierarchical relationship, I have been forced!
    1- But… I didn’t cheat on her with a guy!
    2- Sorry?
    2- Absolutely not! You’re wrong!
    3- Not at all, I have always found girls going with each other a real turn-on.
    2- I even slept with two girls once!
    1- But it was before I met Abi anyway!
    1- No! Don’t change the subject, we’re talking about Abi!
    2- No! I’m done telling you my stories. It doesn’t do me any good anyway…
    1- Ok…

    During Flashback
    2- Alright…
    3- You’re both very pretty!
    1- I honestly don’t know.
    1- No, I don’t…
    1- Uhm…
    2- Of course!
    1- The Blond one, Viviane.
    1- Yes… Jessy.
    1- Then we were all just too horny so we just kept going…
    1- OK!
    1- Sure!
    2- You!
    1- Yeah come here!
    2- Sure!
    1- Ok but sit on my dick then!
    2- Yes, suck my dick!
    1- Yeah do that!
    2- Oh yeah, it’s far from over!
    1- Yes

    With Natalia
    2- Yes
    2- What?
    3- But I don’t want to!
    1- Yes but it’s different!
    2- Because we’re a couple!
    1- What even footing?
    1- By doing a threesome?
    2- You’re literally crazy.
    1- I’m sorry
    2- But Abi will never allow that!
    3- You see it’s impossible!
    2- You can do that?
    1- But I haven’t had sex with Abi since we started the therapy!
    1- But she doesn’t want to!
    2- I’ll speak to her…
    2- But wait, who will be the third one?
    1- No, I don’t want to call an ex for that.
    1- Which is?
    1- Er… Why not.
    1- Very well.
    3- Peep through the keyhole

    While peeping
    Click on her left ear, then on hands then on phone on the coffee table.
    3- Keep on peeping anyway
    Click on her left breast, mouth, left breast, phone, and phone again.
    1- Go in
    1- Very good.
    2- Thanks Natalia

    At Home
    1- Text her
    1- Ask Abi how she is
    2- Reply to Abi
    1- Tell Abi you really want her
    2- Yes
    2- Reply to Abi
    2- Send a picture of your cock to Abi
    1- Do not reply
    1- Wait again
    2- Ask her to send you a picture of her pussy
    1- Wait
    1- Join Abi in the small living room.
    1- Hi Abi
    1- Yes…?
    2- You don’t have to justify yourself.
    2- Yes and show me your boobs!
    1- Play with your boobs!
    2- Yes
    2- Yes, come on!
    1- Yes
    1- Yes…!
    1- Suck me more first.
    2- Come ride my cock!
    2- Lie down on your back!
    1- Yes…!
    1- Yes…!
    1- Yes!