Сексопатолог 7: кто обманщик?

В этом 7-м эпизоде Джим пока не догадывается, что его жена ходила к Натали, чтобы признаться ей в сексуальном влечении к девушкам. Джим и Эби, кажется, уже наверняка отказались от верности в их супружеской жизни.

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  • il

    1st Boss Call:
    [3] You’ve only sent me the email last night, it’ll take me a while
    [2] I’ve just told you, I got it yesterday
    [3] I’ll start now. But it’s a big file!
    [2] It’ll take at least three days to go trough it all! There’s 300 pages!
    [3] No way! Or it’ll be crap… Your call.

    2nd Boss Call:
    [2] It’ll take time! Be patient!
    [1] I told you it’ll take some time.
    [2] Let me work, I’ll do my best.

    Leila call:
    [3] I’m so sorry. I totally forgot!
    [1] It won’t be too long?
    [1] Great, I’m on my way.

    Leila’s Office:
    [3] — Go in —
    [1] I’m fine thank you! How are you?
    [1] If you want to…
    [2] Not at all, he is a real asshole!
    [1] If I stay working for this guy, I will throw him through the window one day…
    [2] Great! And what would you expect from me for that?
    [2] But I’m married!

    3rd Boss Call:
    [1] You bet mate!
    [2] Good luck pal!

    Leila Call:
    [1] Yes I’m coming!

    Leila Office:
    [2] OK!
    [2] I will lick your pussy!
    [3] Blow me now!
    [2] Let me slide my cock between your big boobs!
    [1] I’m gonna fuck you on your desk!
    [3] Ride my cock!
    [2] I will make you cum with my finger!
    [3] No, stay like that, I want to fuck you on the chair!

    [1] — Call Abi —
    [1] — Read the text —
    [1] — Call Natalia —

    [1] I’m very worried, my wife is not home!
    [2] Wait!
    [1] She went out without her phone….
    [3] Didn’t she talk to you recently?
    [2] Are you sure?
    [3] Did she mention a rendez-vous in a hotel?
    [2] Goodbye Natalia.

    [2] — Go to the Imperial Hotel —

    [2] — Think of a solution —
    [2] — Enter the room the noises are coming from —
    [1] Well yes, a bit
    [1] The gym…
    [2] Have you already been told that you’re very pretty?
    [3] I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I couldn’t stop myself saying it.
    [2] That’s nothing! I really meant it…
    [1] Maybe I could stay and watch you work…
    [3] I’m sure it is! Tell me about it!
    [1] Of course, I can’t look at anything else!
    [3] Why don’t you take them off?
    [3] Yes! Now, why don’t you show me your boobs?
    [2] Yes!
    [2] OK, lie down!
    [1] OK… As you wish!

    @Room 404
    [1] — Hide yourself in the wardrobe —
    [2] — Stay hidden —

    Hot Spots:
    Abi’s ass
    Blonde’s neck
    Abi’s mouth
    Blonde’s ass
    Left ass cheek
    Abi’s Mouth
    Abi’s Mouth
    Abi’s Bra strip
    Abi’s trigger finger, left hand
    Abi’s pussy
    Blonde’s Pussy
    Abi’s Mouth