Сексопатолог 6: Эби и девушки

В этом шестом эпизоде Вы будете играть за Эби, жену Джима. Вы подозреваете, что Джим снова изменил жене с соседкой. Решишь ли ты узнать правду? Чтобы это сделать, необходимо посетить Тринити. Изучите точку зрения Эби в этом эпизоде. И кроме того, Вы уверены, что соседка не привлекает вас?

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  • zmei

    Stay in bed
    — I’m just waking
    — No, answer
    — No, I didn’t sleep
    — And you slept well
    — Really? Tell me about it
    — And what happend next?
    — And I was asking you
    — What was I asking you?
    — And I was telling you about your neighbor Trinity
    — What do you think
    — No Jim! I forbid…
    — I made you talk during your sleep
    — And you told me that
    — Oh well, there is…
    — I’m going to go talk directly
    — You’re getting stressed
    — Get up and go see Trinity

    — Did you sleep with Jim?
    — You want Jim?
    — You’re making me crazy
    — You fuck with my man
    — And you really have guts
    — Well, it’s not working, believe me!
    — No, I’m telling you
    — But we don’t have anything else
    — That would surprise me
    — What are you doing?
    — By showing me your boobs?
    — Absolutely not!
    — Oh really? How so?
    — I am not homosexualy
    — You are wrong
    — No… I don’t want to
    — No!
    — Stop, you won!
    — Yes

    — Think about the situation
    — Do as Trinity

    no selection needed

    — Call Jim’s therapist
    — Natalia, I’m Abi.
    — I need to make…
    — No, it’s an emergency
    — Oh… Thank you
    — Thank you! See you in a bit
    — Go to Natalia’s practice

    — Ring and enter
    — Thank you
    — I just cheated on Jim
    — But I cheated on him
    — It does not matter
    — But I am not attracted
    — I must have lost my mind
    — No, you’re wrong
    — I know who I am
    — Very well what?
    — But what are you doing?
    — I… I don’t know
    — Yes, when I was a student
    — Hum, yes, but are you going…
    — Very well
    — Yes, of course
    — She helped me lie down
    — You obviously love my story
    — I was really turned on…
    — It was my turn to take care
    — No
    — I spent a long time
    — We kissed for a long time
    — Yes!
    — No, never!
    — I’m going to try!
    — Good bye Natalia!
    — Yes?
    — And…?
    — What do you mean?
    — You’re totally…
    — Good bye Natalia, and thank you
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