Сексопатолог 4: развратная соседка

В четвертом эпизоде игры Джим снова пришёл на приём к сексопатологу Наталье. И ему есть о чём рассказать, например, как на прошлой неделе его пригласила к себе развратная соседка с очень нехорошими идеями в голове.

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  • FDF

    Go take a shower —
    No, not at all, I thought you had already gone.
    Like every Wednesday, I know my dear.
    Natalia told me that I still have a lot of work to do.
    Of course not.
    Yes… For example I know that I still want to cheat on you!
    It’s not a provocation, it’s the truth
    Should I lie to you?
    Speaking of which…
    No, forget about it. I’m going to go get a little breakfast.
    Are you taking about last week? When we went to get a drink at her place?
    She showed me her winter garden, I think.
    Wait … are you thinking that I was flirting with the neighbor …
    Well in fact yes, a little.
    Calm down, nothing happened. It was just a little awkward …
    But she fingered herself in front of me
    I didn’t give in.
    Yes, of course, no problem!
    You are really hot…
    [shower scene, soaping up]
    Oh yes…
    [washes ass and pussy]
    [rinses off]
    Oh go ahead dear, get off.
    [dildo scene]
    I understand, you miss my cock.
    *Go ahead…
    [fucks herself with dildo]
    *I see that…
    [more scenes with dildo]
    i’ll let you get dressed, I’m going to go get breakfast.
    *See you tonight!

    At Natalia’s office:

    — ring the doorbell and go in —
    Very well, thank you.
    Yes, of course
    I watched my wife get herself off in the shower.
    She let me watch her.
    Yes, that’s exactly it!
    Yes, i’m happy to be your patient.
    *Yes … ?
    I couldn’t resist and went to see her.
    You’re happy about my failure?
    I couldn’t resister her, she made me so horny.
    Oh, it’s simple…
    [still photos as Jim narrates]
    Yes, absolutely.
    It’s surely because I lack will power.
    Yes I suppose.
    Well, something happened at my neighbor’s house.
    *It was when we went for dinner at her house last week
    No, not exactly.
    Very good.

    At neighbor’s house:

    [still photos]
    Yes, actually it’s a little small.
    Plus the view makes me a little dizzy.
    And the plants, they have to be a pain to take care of.
    Please do.
    Do you water them everyday?
    Well, if you want yes…
    Yes, it’s better… (or Yes for sure…, both work)
    Definitely but i’ll go see if Abi is done with her phone call.
    But… what are you doing?
    I see that! But my wife is downstairs!
    But what’s your plan?
    [she takes her shorts off and poses]
    Yes, come on, show me everything…
    [she exposes breasts and pussy]
    Take it off!
    [she caresses herself]
    Go ahead, we have time, put a finger in!
    [she fingers herself]
    LIke what?
    *Yes, go ahead!
    [She masturbates with dildo]
    You are so hot…
    [Doggy with dildo]
    Yes, that’s a good idea!
    Oh yes, i’tt call you!

    Back in Natalias office:

    No. Not yet.
    *Really ? Well, I’ll think about that…
    Whatever i do, women around me always try to turn me on.
    It’s not my fault if women want to play with me!
    I don’t see why.
    No, not at all.
    You think so?
    If you’d like to do further experiments on me, go ahead…
    I’m not making innuendos.
    [She flashes her pussy]
    But… you don’t have any panties!
    But you just spread your legs in front of me!
    […] Sorry, where were we?
    Ah yes, that’s true. But it’s nothing exceptional, I can assure you.
    Yes, once.
    Yes if you want.
    [still photo]
    [still photos as Jim narrates]
    [video of BJ]
    [doggy fuck]
    [reverse cowgirl anal]
    [Short missionary fuck with anal creampie]
    *Yes, well, I summed it up.
    *Very good, goodbye.