Сексопатолог 3: бывшая любовница

В этом третьем эпизоде, Джим идёт на работу. Но неожиданный звонок может всё изменить: Агнес, бывшая любовница, предлагает Джиму страстный секс днём. Что же парень должен делать? Может быть, было бы разумнее проконсультироваться с Натальей. Если вы набрали 100%, то сможете разблокировать бонусный эпизод, следующий за приключением Джима! Вы сделали большой прогресс в терапии. Но сегодня, вы столкнётесь с большим искушением.

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  • Scriv

    — Green button
    — Hi. What do you want?
    — Not at all. I’m just a little surprised.
    — You’re right! What did you call me again?
    — Yes, that was it.
    — Well we could have had an amazing threesome in the field near by!
    — Are you kidding?
    — Not anymore though?
    — That’s good. Life is too short.
    — Is she still hot?
    — I’m not surprised! She’s such a good lay.
    — Yes … but it was her idea!
    — oh OK! Everything really?
    — Meaning… ?
    — She seemed to like it anyway.
    — I’m listening, tell me what you want!
    — oh! Sorry to hear that.
    — Really? Good thing you let him go.
    — … to fuck lots of guys?
    — You should take advantage!
    — Impossible, I’m in therapy right now.
    — With a renowned sexologist, Natalia. Very sexy too.
    — Yes!
    — Listen, it’s my relationship at risk here.
    — Not at all.
    — Ok, yes it was my wife.
    — Listen, you can have sex with anyone you want!
    — I can’t, I have to tell my entire life to my sexologist.
    — It’s true last time she seemed a little turned on.
    — I don’t know what to think anymore.
    — And afterwards?
    — Yes
    — And if you’re right?
    — Ok, I’ll call her.
    — See you later.

    -Call your wife-
    — Am I bothering you dear?
    — Oh nothing just listening to your voice.
    — Nothing. I’m just calling for that.
    — Not at all! The sexologist told me I should try to talk about things more.
    — Yes without a doubt!
    — I completely forgot! I’m so glad you reminded me!
    — Yes, no problem, I’ll be there!
    — Kisses my dear!

    -Call Natalia-
    — Hi, I’m calling you because I have a bit of a dilemma.
    — Do you think we can take a break from therapy?
    — No, in fact I’d also like to know…
    — An ex-lover called me…
    — But I need to talk about it now!
    — You cannot ethically refuse a patient in need!
    — Thanks!
    — See you soon!

    -Finish the memo that your boss wanted you to do-

    -Take a well deserved break-

    *memory scenes*
    — Take off your panties and get against the wall, I’m going to show you what happens when I get horny!
    — Yes!
    — Yes, I’m going to take you on the couch.
    — No, I want to fuck you doggy-style!
    — Ok, sit on my cock right now!
    — No, get on the ground so I can fuck you a little more!
    — Open your mouth and swallow!
    *end memory scene*

    *Calling Natalia…*
    — Hello again!
    — Yes
    — She wants us to sleep together this afternoon.
    — Yes. She’s like that.
    — No she used to be a bit more sensible before.
    — The exact opposite of her cousin!
    — Yes
    — Yes
    — I think her cousin told her about it.
    — No, very well.
    — Yes…
    — Yes.
    — She said she wanted me to fuck her in the ass on the sofa.
    — And also that she was going to be waiting for me in her bed, masturbating. . .
    — What should I do?
    — But… if I give in, our first two sessions will have been wasted
    — Very well. I’ll think about it.
    — Ok. Bye.

    -Go to Agnes’ house-
    -ring the doorbell and enter-

    — Come here, yes, suck me!
    — Come ride my cock!
    — Lay on your back, I’m just starting!
    — with pleasure…
    — Of course, I love fucking you in the ass.
    — Perfect…
    — For sure…
    — You think?
    — Ok, good! I have a meeting at my neighbor’s house anyways. See you later…

    -go take a shower-

    *with Abi*
    — Yes, why? Are we conserving our hot water?
    — The air conditioning was broken at the office today.
    — Right now? We can’t wait 5 minutes?
    — I really want to fuck you…
    — Show me your tits please!
    — For the pleasure of seeing them! I really love your tits!
    — Please…
    — Thank you my angel! Let’s go!