Секс запись: первые результаты

Журналист Терри согласился на работу, предложенную Катей, редактором бульварного журнала. Он должен гарантировать существование секс записи, прежде чем она разгласит об этом прессе. Для этого ему надо встретиться с одной из подружек актёра и доложить результат начальнице.

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  • danon

    OK, I’ll be there!
    Sorry! I didn’t see you there!
    Sorry to have disturbed you. I’m leaving.
    But I didn’t want to interrupt your sunbathing…
    Does it happen often?
    Sorry if I’m being too forward but… can I ask you a question?
    Yes, why are you staying in a relationship which seems to be making you so sad?
    And that’s why you admire that you let him hurt you?
    He’s married, right?
    And how are you so sure about that?
    I’ll take your word for it.
    Will he be jealous if he sees you with someone else?
    If it’s a famous actor, the worst thing that would happen is me asking for an autograph.
    OK, I have a bit of time this morning. What should we talk about?
    Well if you insist, OK.
    And he let you do it…
    But did you not even talk a little beforehand?
    Weren’t you scared?
    So after, you just kissed?
    OK, so you licked each other and that’s it?
    And after that?
    And then you saw each other regularly.
    And do you spend the weekends together, on vacation?
    The pleasure was all mine.
    Nice to meet you. I’m Terry.
    — Destroy the phone —
    (Click on green button to tke the phone call)
    OK, I’ll be there right away at the writing room!
    — Go there —
    I’ve been looking for you for 20 minutes! I don’t have time to play hide and seek!
    I remind you that I have 48 hours left. I have to stay focused!
    I’m still on the hotel’s trail.
    I met the manager and also Tom Power’s girlfriend.
    OK but an espresso, quick!
    They gave me some leads that I want to look into.
    His sex life, as it happens! What about you, anything new?
    Have you already been invited to this kind of party, with the work that you do?
    Have you already had parties with VIPs?
    I could take care of that after this contract! I’m interested.
    Yes, I sure would like to know more about it.
    Don’t you want to give me clues? That would motivate me…
    Yes, I understand… Can you show me more?
    Just a little bit more!
    Yes, I’m ready to get back to work!
    I haven’t make up my mind yet.
    You’re kind, but I’ve already thought of that, would you believe.
    Bye! Thank you for this constructive meeting.
    — Call the Beach Hotel —
    Is that you, Malia?
    Nice to meet you! I’m Terry. Is your mother there?
    Certainly. I’m a friend of a friend of your mother…
    I’m writing an alternative guide to the coast called «The Night»…
    It’s a guide on the places where you can go dancing?
    And do you think that I could interview you?
    Why? Are you a minor?
    That’s not exactly the image I had of her, but I believe you.
    But that’s exactly the kind of party that I’m interested in for my guide!
    If you want to remain anonymous, we can use a pseudonym.
    We can find something to hide your face…
    OK! See you soon!
    — Go to the Beach Hotel —
    — Go in without knocking —
    OK, OK, shh… I’m not making any noise, OK
    I don’t have a camera with me…
    We’ll do the interview! We professionals always do it in this order!
    Excellent! So Cherry… Talk to me about your vision of night life.
    Private parties… with VIPs?
    How many of you were there?
    Talk to me more about this party…
    Listen, I really must know more…
    Show me a bit of your pussy to start with…
    Go on…
    You naughty girl! OK…
    Turn over…
    Yeah, I think that’s lovely!
    OK! I’ll get out of here!
    — Call Shavon —
    Hello! I’m Terry, I’ve been to the Beach Hotel and they gave me your phone number.
    OK, I’ll be right there.
    Very good, see you soon!
    — Do some internet research on Shavon —
    (Click on «see her portfolio»)
    (Click on the red arrow at the right)
    (Click on the red arrow at the right)
    (Click on the cross at the upper right of the screen, like to close the windows that is insode the game)
    — Go to Shavon’s place —
    Hello, Shavon… So, are you going to tell me what you know about me?
    OK. I’m doing research on Friday night.
    A sex tape was filmed on Friday. It will be circulating soon…
    I just know that there’s Tom Power. It’s not me who has this tape.
    If I prove the existence of this tape, I get 30,000.
    And I’m not in a position to refuse money… even if this job annoys me.
    I’m listening.
    I see… and then?
    And what guarantees can you give me?
    Excellent! Thank you very much, that’s really invaluable.
    I accept.
    No! Lean more, please…
    Yes, turn over.
    I also prefer that we wait to jerk me off between your large breasts…
    Can I see your ass closer?
    Thank you, Shavon!