Работа мечты сезон 2: эпизод 7

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Налоговая ждёт вас. Постарайтесь не опаздывать, так как вам очень важно убедить девушку из налоговой инспекции, что в отеле все отлично. В этой секс-игре, с реальными сексуальными девушками, вам надо найти подходящие слова, чтобы достичь цели и увидеть администратора и налоговую инспекторшу голыми!

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  1. Илья

    Что делать после «Click on the picture to play»?

  2. z

    There’s a tiny detail
    I think it is.+

    No. I’m sure.+
    Not that I know of.
    Maybe there’s a mistake

    It must be what the accountant was talking about

    I can explain.
    I’m really surprised.+
    Do you know you’re gorgeous?

    You’re really pretty when you’re thinking
    ls there a mistake?+

    Look, I can explain!
    Ame you sure you’ve OK?+

    I understand but don‘t take it out on me
    It’s a love matter, isn’t it?+

    A pretty girl like you? I don’t believe you+
    I’m OK to marry you if you want
    Oh! I’m so sony to hear that.

    I do! You’re very pretty! +
    Of course sweetheart. You’ll find a new one. Don’t worry

    OK, l’m on my way.
    I’d love to but I’m not done yet.+
    I don‘t have time.

    Sorry, I don‘t have
    I’m coming !
    I’d love it. Really. But I can‘t light now.+

    i’ve told you i can’t.
    Not light now…
    After a little video, why not +

    I’ll come light after I’m done here!
    Come on! One last pic!+

    I think I’ve made a big mistake!+
    I just want to know how you are

    I should never have left you. I love you
    I think we should give it another go. +

    I know. But we need to move on+
    Yes but I love you!
    I feel so guilty…

    Me too darling. I love you!
    I miss you too. +

    Your juicy ass!
    I don’t know when to start+

    Yes. I really want to see you very soon!
    Look how great you look. Of course I miss you!+

    Not only beautiful, really hot too! +
    Yes. I really want to see you soon

    You must be all wet already! +
    Of course! You’re a dirty slut!

    No ++++

  3. z


    — Wait to be called —
    — Go to see Bella now — ++

    Really? Naked? +
    OK. So what do you think? I’m a bit worried

    No, I’m fine. But your boss could find it a bit odd +
    No. I’m just worried for my file.

    I won‘t if I don‘t need to worry about my file
    How can you be so sune of that? +

    It was amazing!
    Yes! And what about my file?

  4. саша

    а пачему не грузит

  5. alleksandr


  6. Доброжелатель

    I’m a bit worried to be honest…
    I don’t know…
    I don’t know Betty.
    I’d love to!

    No, I still have five minutes…
    I’m telling you I’m fine!

    Wait! What is going on?
    Please! This audit is really important.
    Poor thing! Has her heart been broken?
    It’s so sad!
    Will I see you after?

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