Работа мечты сезон 2: эпизод 13

Декабрь 1st, 2015 admin

Саманта уволилась, чтобы отправиться в кругосветное путешествие с подругой. Теперь ваша стервозная начальница хочет, чтобы вы нашли кого-то на замену ей. К счастью вы знаете двух сексуальных девушек, которые, возможно, могли бы занять освободившееся место.

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  1. Broteeshka

    Хелп кто прошел

  2. Хочуувидетьвсе

    Помогите, не могу ни кого раздеть((

  3. Рики

    With the boss

    Her departure
    I don’t know
    Why are you
    I can tell
    No, there’s
    I’m really sorry
    She is a bit
    I’ll call
    I can be discreet

    Call the fairy
    Great and you ?
    What are you
    I’m interested
    Maybe but we

    Go to see Gianna
    I just wanted
    By the way
    The boss is
    Yes and I’m the one
    Would you be
    What do you think
    You’re perfect
    Not at all
    Sure thing

    Choose the black dress at the top
    You’re right

    Choose the Blue Dress on the left
    Actually no..
    That’s clear!
    Let me see..

    Choose black dress in the middle
    Put them back on then!
    That’s not bad actually!
    You’re very pretty!
    No, it’s perfect!
    Anything for you
    Consider it done
    Tell me and yes.. both work
    Thanks Gianna and Super! both work
    Show me a bit more and I can’t wait both work

    Then reply yes twice and call the fairy.
    Oh sorry…
    I need a favor
    You have to see
    She sent me that
    Great thanks

    Reply Yes

    With the maid :

    Why were you looking
    I’m listening+

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